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TNETIC is a software company committed in providing identity solutions to solve business problems.

We are building software products that provide efficiency and accuracy in identification and authentication for schools, businesses, organizations and government agencies.

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Our software products.

Streamline your event management and attendance requirements using our leading attendance and management software.


Identification and authentication using mobile technology for efficiency and practicality.
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i-Attend Cloud

i-Attend Cloud is a web-based software accessible to you 24x7 - all you need is a browser and internet connectivity. It is designed to help you administer your events, classes or professional development programs more efficiently and accurately. The software tracks attendance, generates name badges, creates eveluations, administers online registration and distributes certificates. Authenticate using your existing or new badges using RFID or Barcode technologies. To learn more, visit http://i-attend.com

Event-Attendance Pro

Event-Attendance Pro is a desktop software designed to track attendance for your events, training programs or mandatory business meetings. It supports both RFID and Barcode technologies to authenticate your attendees. Generate attendee receipts as proof of attendance or run reports to accurately show attendance data. Use this software for OSHA or other attendance compliance requirements. To learn more, visit http://event-attendance.com

i-Attend CAPTURE

i-Attend Mobile Capture is a native mobile app for the Android and iOS Operating Systems. It is designed to capture attendance using RFID or Barcode authentication methods. For RFID, a reader needs to be installed on the mobile device which then reads the card data embedded on badges. For Barcode/QR, the app uses the camera to scan the badges and authenticate attendees. Use the app to track attendance at your classes or events, and also to track visits on your booths in tradeshows.

i-Attend Self Check-In

i-Attend Self Check-In is a mobile app for Android and iOS Operating Systems. It is designed for Online or Virtual Events so attendees can self check-in themselves.

Our Services.

In addition to our software products, we provide the following services:

Software Development

We are experts in Microsoft tools in developing complex cloud-based or desktop solutions. All our in-house software are written in C#, SQL Server Database and HTML. We also have excellent experience in open-source languages such as PHP, Python, Perl and MySQL. We can develop custom mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

Event and Conference Management

With our partnership with trusted event organizers, we can undertake the strategic development, design, management and execution of your event projects. Using our leading software, we can handle all aspects of your meeting from marketing, registration, name badges, evaluations, attendance tracking, and report generation.

Website Development

We can develop and build a complex E-Commerce Platform, or a beautifully designed website for your business. We are experts in both cloud and mobile development.

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